How John Travolta introduced Idina Menzel at Oscars 2014 gets viral (Video)

What did John Travolta call Idina Menzel at the Oscars 2014 awards night? You will be puzzled how did the celebrity come up with such a name, completely twisted and almost out of the tune in terms of letters composition.

John Travolta

Alright, John Travolta was kind of trying hard to figure out how to pronounce the name of Idina, as this Tweet would show:
Some even joked, Travolta was just trying to hide something - his hair for example.
Anyway, here goes a short video showing how John Travolta pronounced Idina Menzel's name:

John Travolta introduced Idina Menzel as Adele Dazeem! Then some immediately went on to refer John Travolta as Jorn Tromolto.

But wait! We found this, rather amazing and funny - "If John Travolta had to pronounce other people's name at the Oscars" (Source). Let's list some:
  1. Jared Leto - as Jart Liters
  2. Bradley Cooper - as Stanley Hooper
  3. Liza Minelli - as Lisa Manila Envelope
  4. Goldie Hawn - as Grouldie Hanz
  5. Brad Pitt - as Brat Spit
  6. Meryl Streep - as Merl Sterp
  7. Lupita Nyong'o - as Lunesta Knee-Congo
  8. Matthew McConaughey - as Maddow Mohogany
  9. Will Smith - as Wilt Smoth
  10. Sandra Bullock - as Cindy Block
  11. Ellen DeGeneres - as Helen Denergis
But after a few flips of some Internet pages, we came to know also that John Travolta might have had the basis why he introduced Idina Menzel as Adele Dazeem. It turns out that the singer is actually known to her family as "Adele Dazim", her birth name, Wikipedia says.

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