Katherine Jenkins gets OBE from Prince Charles

Singer Katherine Jenkins has been bestowed an OBE from Prince Charles due to her utmost efforts and services to music and charity causes.

OBE is short for 'Order of the British Empire'. It is among the awards given by the United Kingdom to people with exemplary services to the nation.

Katherine Jenkins gets OBE from Prince Charles

Katherine Jenkins is a performer and has been working with many foundations and charity institutions. She is a trustee of the British Forces Foundation. She travelled to as far as  Afghanistan to entertain troops.

Jenkins was kind of shocked upon receiving the letter informing her of the OBE she is entitled to.
When I opened it I was so shocked, I really, really couldn't believe it. I was obviously incredibly proud.
Jenkins recalled how her mother reacted, knowing her daughter is going to receive an OBE from Prince Charles.
My mum and I had a little glass of champagne and toasted my father, who is not with us any more.
My award was for services to music and charity, I definitely put most of that towards my work with the military and my charities like Macmillan (Cancer Support).
To be recognised for the things that I've done with the military is a really special thing for me and I feel it should be shared with all of them really, all our military personnel around the world.
The United Kingdom recognizes and rewards the like of Katherine Jenkins. (Source: http://www.bbc.com/)

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