Actor Lance Raymundo freaky gym accident: 80-pound barbell fell on his face

If you have not heard, actor Lance Raymundo had a freaky gym accident while doing a routine set on March 19 (Wed).

Lance Raymundo
There was an 80-lb. barbell on top of me because the workout was a ‘superset’, meaning, right after I do 10 reps with the barbell with the help of my trainer, I rest it back in place and proceed to do the dumbbell fly workout.
After completing 10 reps of the dumbbell flies, the trainer leaned forward to assist me in lowering the dumbbells, but his body weight accidentally dislodged the barbell, which fell on my face and smashed it.
Raymundo was lucky there was a nurse working out when the accident happened. The nurse was able to drive the actor to a nearby ER.

Lance Raymundo sustained multiple fractures in his face, including his orbital sockets. Lance's nose area was crushed.

According to the actor's mother, Nina, Lance will be needing two major reconstructive operations. The first set of operation will be on March 25, while the other one will be carried out, two or three weeks after.

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