Lydia - The First Ever Great White Shark tracked by scientists crossing the Atlantic

A group of researchers tagged a great white shark in Florida, hoping to track its journey onwards. The shark was nicknamed "Lydia" and was set off in Jacksonville.

Great White Shark - Lydia

In the past weekend, Lydia was detected crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

This tracking activity is the first of its kind in terms of documentation.

The tracking record shows that the aquatic specie is travelling at the east of Mid-Atlantic Ridge, an underwater chain of mountains along the north and south through the ocean. Lydia is now headed towards U.K.'s Cornish coast.

Lydia's travel record is the farthest among any other great whites. So far, she has swum about 20,000 miles already.

This effort looks like a start up to explore the world of the great white sharks, but scientists are hoping to shed more light on the potential strategies of conservation. Photo by: SNOW, OCEARCH

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