Malaysia Airlines Updates: Flight Radar Caught Changing Flight Path (Video)

More on Malaysia Airlines missing plane updates is a rather scary and dubious phenomenon that had taken place as demonstrated by a video uploaded on Youtube by DAHBOO77 ( If this is true, which one is true among the many versions of the stories spreading around?

The video is titled "Busted! Flight Radar Caught Changing Flight Path of Malaysia Flight 370" and from what we can see, the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 or MH370 somewhat changed path - an unusual one.

Now watch a Radar Playback material for Malaysia Flight 370 demonstrated (Video 2):

And here is a previous video showing the disappearance of the aircraft - "Radar Playback of the Moment Malaysia Flight 370 Vanished" (Video 1)

Video 1: It says that there was another plane flying quite faster than any other planes, then seemingly stalled out or perhaps maintained a normal flight speed.

Video 2: In the second video, there is an airplane tailing flight 370, then everything went zero, gone and out of the radar monitors.

What's your thought?

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