Maui Taylor names Dubai-based promoter who duped her and Katya Santos

In a news post yesterday, it was hinted that Maui Taylor and Katya Santos seem to have been duped by a Dubai-based Filipino promoter. The incident happened after Maui and Katya performed a series of shows in the Emirates.

Maui Taylor and Katya Santos

Apparently, Maui and Katya arrived in Dubai on March 8 and expect to return back to the Philippines by March 15 (Sat). Only to discover that there are no available flights that day.

Maui posted on Facebook:
What’s with the fully booked flights from Dubai to Manila!!!! Grrrrr!!!! I wanna go home na!
Stuck in Dubai for another day, hay!!! I’m so damn pissed with the fully booked flights!
My patience is slowly running out.
Things got interesting when Taylor found that the said promoter is an illegal alien in Dubai, and that his license as a promoter is already expired. Maui elaborated:
I have all supporting documents to prove to the police that your license as Golden Lion Events is expired, so technically you are not allowed to operate here in Dubai. Also found out you don’t have an Emirates card, meaning wala kang papers dito, you’re not allowed to stay here. One wrong move on your end and you know what’s going to happen to you
Today, Taylor finally exposed the name of the promoter who tricked them in Dubai.
WARNING…. Wag n wag pagkatiwalaan tong taong to. Engr. Mardilito Daya Go. Pangalan pa lang manloloko at mangdadaya na diba. Madami na tong artista na linoko at hindi binayaran dito sa Dubai. We gave you two days to settle with us. We TRIED to be patient with you pero hanggang ngayon ginagawa mo pa din kaming tanga. Antayin mo ang karma mo. Wala kang takot sa diyos ha sa karma ka matakot. Digital na ang karma ngayon. Nakakalungkot na kapwa pilipino pa ang nanloko samin dito
Mardilito Daya Go

Taylor attached the photo above, allegedly the promoter in Dubai. (Source, Source)

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