MH370 Missing Flight: No signs of aircraft as of yet

MH370 Missing Flight -- Still, no signs of any aircraft yet, as per latest report released by Malaysia's Department of Civil Aviation (DCA).

MH370 Missing Flight
After the news regarding the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370 broke out on Saturday morning, a wide scale search and operation has been launched.

In a separate update, Vietnamese air force planes found two huge oil slicks close to the area where the Malaysia Airlines MH370 disappeared.

The search has now reached the Melaka Strait, holding on to a notion that the airplane might have turned back due to unknown circumstances.

DCA Director-general Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman told the media at a press conference, 8pm today:
We are still investigating all possibilities. The main focus is to find the missing aircraft to determine what happened - that's the outmost important for now
Malaysia received another offer of assistance in the search operation, from its Australian counterpart Tony Abbott.

The list of passengers on board the MH370 missing flight can be found here.

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