MH370 News: Passengers' ringing phones do not mean much of anything at all says wireless analyst

MH370 news has been on the height since the first day it broke into the news portals, but still no definite traces of the missing aircraft were firmly established as of yet.

MH370 News and updates

While the families of the missing passengers keep on hoping for rather comforting updates, they have been trying to ring the phones of their relatives on board Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. They insist that they can hear the phones ringing and that there must be some ways to track its location.

Bian Liangwei, a sister of one of the passengers of the missing airplane said she called her brother's number two times and it rang. Other family members tried the same and were successful to hear the ring tones.

So much for the luck and hopes of the families of the passengers, the ringing phones do not mean much of anything at all says wireless analyst, Jeff Kagan.
Jeff Kagan is one of the top ten most quoted tech analysts out of 4,000 in the United States, and in fact in other countries as well. (
Kagan explained the protocol going on when someone places a call to a certain phone number.

What the rings on the phone you hear when you dial is this:
What it means is the network is at work, trying to locate the party you are calling
It rings once, twice, three times, and if it finds the phone, it delivers the call. If it doesn’t find the phone, then the call is disconnected.
Kagan added:
Family members over there are hearing the [ring] tone and they are hoping, but this is not a sign of anything. This is just how the networks work
What does the ringing tone actually mean?
The ringing sound is generated by the originating carrier's switch while the network sets up the call
This keeps callers from abandoning the call when they hear no sound. The ringing sound has nothing to do with the actual 'ringing' of the called party's device.
Tracking the phones of the missing passengers is not easy as it seems, despite our technological prowess these days. There are many things the procedure and success will depend on.
It depends on the phone. It depends if it has GPS. It depends if the GPS is on. And it depends if the cell site that they’re on has GPS, too
If everything is working right, yes, the network can tell where that phone is — within a very small area
The calls were never answered because the network might have never found the phone being called.

That's as far as the tech expert's expert opinion is concerned.

We still hope for the best for the passengers of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Stay tuned on Barako Newsline for more MH370 news in the coming days. (Source)

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