Mt. Banahaw hit by fire on Wednesday, 11 rescued

Mt. Banahaw was hit by fire on Wednesday, said Forest official told news agencies.

According to Forest ranger Magtanggol Barrion, there were at least 11 people trapped and rescued along Mt. Banahaw's 'Tatlong Tangke' trail.

Mt. Banahaw fire

The area in Mt. Banahaw where fire hit is known as 'Durungawan'. The Quezon Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (PDRRMC) said, a certain sect has been suspected of performing spiritual rites, and might have lit candles in the process of doing so.

As of the latest news updates, the fire on top of Banahaw is still spreading. Firefighters are having hard time reaching the area due to the terrain's condition.

Despite assumptions, the authorities are still not certain what caused the fire in Mt. Banahaw.

One of the leading statements could be, that of Ivan Herzano - project officer of the non-government group Foundation for the Philippine Environment. He said:
Most likely it was a man-made fire
Herzano told AFP.

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