Nagaraya cracker nuts recalled for fungal toxin, says FDA

At least one batch of Nagaraya cracker nuts has been put on recall by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) for supposedly containing "Aflatoxin" of an "unacceptable" level.


The particular food item referred to is the "Nagaraya Cracker Nut Original Butter Flavor (160 grams)".

Aside from being a fungal toxin that is capable of contaminating crops in many stages, Aflatoxin is known to cause chronic and acute hepatocellular injury. Source: US Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Aflatoxin can cause poisoning, then liver failure and death.

On the other hand, Nagaraya sales manager in Food Industries Inc., Virgilio Sunga said:
(Aflatoxin) is dormant in a peanut body that grows when exposed to heat

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