Dwarf planet found farther away than pluto

An astronomer based in Hawaii discovered a dwarf planet lingering at the edge of the solar system, even farther away than Pluto.

Dwarf planet 2012 VP113

The dwarf planet has been named as '2012 VP113'. It is located in a place called 'wasteland or badland of the solar system'. The information was shared by Chad Trujillo, head of adaptive optics at Gemini Observatory in Hawaii. He is also the co-discoverer of the said new planet.

One of the unique characteristics of the newly found dwarf planet is its orbit. Its path is the farthest to the sun compared to any other objects in the solar system.

The 2012 VP113 is measured 83 astronomical units away from the sun. This translates to the figure - 83 times the distance of planet earth to the sun.

Other dwarf planets, where Trujillo is a co-discoverer are Eris and Sedna (2004).

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