North and South Korea traded fires on Monday

The rivalry between North and South Korea is no-doubt, on the height; Artillery shells came one after the other from both sides on Monday.

south and north korea traded fire

According to South Korean officials, the incident forced the residents of the front-line South Korean islands to evacuate.

On Monday, some live-fire drill shells of North Korea fell at the Southern part of Koreas' disputed western sea boundary.

Analysts find it odd why Pyongyang unusually announced that it would be having live-fire drills in the disputed areas bounded by the Yellow Sea. Some said, the early notice of North Korea is but a sign of protest in the on-going South Korea-U.S. drills. NoKor even called it 'a rehearsal for invasion'.

On the other hand, the South Korean Defense Ministry said, the live-fire drills of Pyongyang was a 'hostile' step to fire up the tension in the Korean Peninsula.  

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