PM Abe to strengthen political grip on education

In 2006, marking the first moves of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, he revised the Fundamental Law of Education in Japan; It was a product of U.S. occupation, aimed at instilling democracy in the country's education system.

Shinzo Abe Japan PM

The revised law stated that teaching morality and love of Japan to students is its basic component. But the occupation entities denied such, pointing out that excessive sense of patriotism was the culprit in Japan's previous wars.

Comes the second seat of office for Abe, he looked to add a required course on ethics.

Just last month, he called on to the Japanese schools, urging them to teach for the first time in history that the controversial Senkaku Islands are Japanese territory.

Furthermore, latest moves of Abe's administration include that by early March, local government heads will be holding increased authority over education.

The same line of authority gives the mayors power to appoint or remove schools superintendents.

Experts opinions differ regarding Prime Minister Abe's stints on Japan's education system. Some say, the new policies will harm Japan's "neutrality, stability and consistency of the postwar education system".

Manabu Sato, a professor at Gakushuin University specializing in education administration said, quick changes to internal local laws can be expected.
By giving more authority to heads of local governments, policies could change every time the local residents elect different mayors who can influence the educational system at their disposal
There is a mix of reactions over Abe's educational reform. Experts, educators and politicians expressed diverse views.

A 2013 data compiled by the University of Tokyo states that:
..some 60 percent of 672 mayors he polled were opposed to abolishing the current board system. More than 30 percent of the respondents said no changes are necessary, while almost 60 percent preferred maintaining the current system with a few modifications.
What's your take on the recent educational system of Japan?


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