Saudi Princesses Under House Arrest plead to UN. Turned to Twitter for help

Saudi Princesses Sahar and Jawaher decided to begin an online petition to put an end to their "thirteen year house arrest." The sisters told Sunday Times, all they could do is watch each other fade into nothingness.

Saudi Princesses

Their letter reads:
We slowly watch each other fading into nothingness
The Saudi Princesses stressed the case of their sisters,as well, Hala and Maha who are suffering psychological distress due to the situation.

The Princesses mother Alanoud Alfayez  is on the other side of the world, living as an exile in the United Kingdom. She said in an interview via Channel 4 News:
They are really in a terrible state, especially Jawaher and Sahar. She’s telling me, ‘Mummy, we are trying to hold on to our sanity’. They are hanging to life. They don’t deserve what happened to them.
The following is a series of Tweets between the Saudi Princesses, their mother, plus a reply one of the comments that criticized the captivity issue of the siblings.
A Tweet to the mother of the Princesses, expressing support.
In an article published by Inquisitr, it was learned that the United Nations has indeed received information saying that the Princesses are being held as captives in their father’s grand palace.

Alanoud Alfayez wrote, her daughters have been held as prisoners for 13 years already, and that their father King Abdullah have assigned three of the half-brothers of the Saudi Princesses to do the monitoring of their actions.

Alfayez is said to have asked the UN to intervene.

To get updates with the news and updates on the illegal detention of the Saudi Princesses Sahar and Jawaher, you following the following Twitter accounts:

Sahar: @Art_Moqawama
Jawaher: @Jawaher1776
Alanoud D. Alfayez @AlanoudDAlfayez


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