Sean Avery out of Dancing With The Stars Week 2. Cries foul over elimination

Sean Avery and Karina Smirnoff's fate in 'Dancing With The Stars' ended in just 2 weeks, after they danced salsa to a samba music - a combination many people found quite odd.

Sean Avery - Dancing With The Stars

Although Sean poured in a series of noticeable improvements in his last performance, he still fell short after America casted its votes.

In one of his statements, Avery even blamed the show for 'sobotaging' his team. He said he knew what was likely to happen, considering the sort of disagreement he had with the producers.
I think we knew as of probably Monday as of last week our fate was sealed. I had conversation with Conrad Green, I think is one of the producers. I was upset at the package they had run the week before. It was a very tacky attempt to show me as the bad boy of ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ And I think in reality TV or some sort of competition, if you have a some sort of disagreement with the producers, that seals your fate quite early
Sean also thought that the show kind of framed him as the '..bad boy of ‘Dancing With The Stars'.

To concede, Sean Avery said:
We had a pretty good idea. We had a fantastic time. I have a friend for life.

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