Search for MH370 continues - Malaysia seeks the help of 'Witch Doctor' to track the missing plane

The search for MH370 continues, and it has gone quite so many days already. In a bid to gather possible ways to locate the missing aircraft, Malaysia sought for the help of a witch doctor.

Malaysia Witch Doctor

Ibrahim Mat Zin, widely known in Malaysia as Raja Bomoh (shaman) Sedunia Nujum was invited by the Malaysian government to share his expertise in the spiritual phenomenon to locate MH370 of Malaysia Airline.

Ibrahim Mat Zin is a Shaman practitioner in Malaysia. He performed a prayer at Kuala Lumpur's airport on Monday. Allegedly, he was invited by a certain Malaysia top leader.

Ibrahim Mat Zin prayer video to locate flight MH370:

Meanwhile, Chinese Internet users took the witchcraft method an item of mockery. They laughed in ridicule over Malaysia's invitation of the witch doctor locate the missing plane.

MR. Zin said in an interview - "I think the plane is still in the air or has crashed into the sea". A comment over China's Weibo, a Twitter-like social media platform, was shared by many Chinese netizens:
Wow, that is exactly what I think too
Then another user claiming to be Malaysian commented:
I feel so ashamed as a Malaysian for the first time, not because of any wrongdoing on Malaysia's part but for having a brainless prime minister.
In a report published by Free Malaysia Today, Jamil Khir from the Malaysian Prime Minister's Department said, Malaysian government welcomed any possible assistance in locating MH370 aircraft, including the 'Bomohs', as long as their methods do not contradict Islamic teachings.

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