'Sleeping' grad photo of accountancy graduate from San Beda College in Manila made rounds on Facebook

Going by the slogan 'After Graduation, Sleep', a set of legit graduation photos of a BS Accountancy graduate from San Beda College in Manila, Miguiel Archivido De Alva made rounds on Facebook, 'The Filipino Student' FB Group featured today.

sleeping photo of accountancy graduate

The photos show Miguiel Archivido De Alva with his eyes closed. A post dedicated to 'Accountancy Problems' often faced by Accountancy students.

Does it imply that it is only in an accountancy student's graduation photo where he afford to grab some sleep? What do you think accountancy students out there?

Source: The Filipino Student (https://www.facebook.com/thefilipinostudent)
Photo: Miguiel Archivido De Alva Facebook account

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