SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act): Hollywood's Copyright Lobbyists are at it again

The lobbyists behind the wishes of calling SOPA or the Stop Online Piracy Act back is at it again, as if like exes trying to make the moves again to get back on track and the usual intended business of the day.


They just don't give up, according to an article in SLATE.

As noticed, the said "copyright lobbyists" are testing the waters, yet again. Their latest activities revealed that they are tackling the subject of:
"voluntary” commitments among copyright-holders and payment processors, advertisers, and others. And they talk about these commitments in hearings and little information-gathering events—the equivalent of an ex just trying to catch up over drinks. (
The step is rather quite unnoticeable since there will be no new bill to be filed. It will come in the form of rubbing over DMCA or the "1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act". Wherein, under it, copyrighted materials can be taken down politely after a simple notice from the respective copyright holders. A simpler way to go about copyright infringement.

But based on the latest developments, the copyright holders thought, the governing rules are not enough.

They wanted more, hence the SOPA.

Just this Thursday, congress members who drafted SOPA are supposed to hold a hearing about the DMCA, hoping to impose improvements in the ways it operates.

Right now, the SOPA supporters or shall we say proponents are tapping the sectors of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Offices.

Do you think SOPA is in the works of coming back on track? What are your thoughts?

Declaration: The main thoughts and bases of this blog post were mainly taken from the original article in, which can be read in full here. (Image:

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