Dan Henderson's brutal TKO of Shogun Rua .gif | Did Hendo hit illegally?

The just concluded rematch between Dan 'Hendo' Henderson and Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua in UFC Fight Night 38 lived up to the MMA fans' expectations. Henderson pulled off a brutal  in the 3rd round.

Henderson vs Rua 2

Rua kept Henderson at a distance by throwing jabs and leg kicks in the first and second rounds. He was in control of the fight but things changed in the third round. After separation from a clinch, Rua took a shot from Hendo, which sent him down to the canvass. There started the onslaught.

However, while we believe and admire the granite chin and skills of Henderson, these couple of .gifs showing the stoppage portion made us question - did Henderson hit Rua at the back of the head?

If you take a look, Referee Herb Dean was at a position where he cannot see the hammer fists of Henderson. Those were like 5 or so hits on Rua's back of the head.

Here are the .gif from BJPENN.COM:

We could be wrong, but from what you can see, Did Dan Henderson hit Shogun Rua at the back of the head?

What are your thoughts?

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