Washington state mudslide - Missing 90, Death toll 24

Washington state mudslide - Missing 90, Death toll 24. The number of missing individuals after a mudslide hit Washington state is now down to 90, Authorities said on Wednesday. The missing persons list was 176.

Washington state landslide 2014

The county's emergency director John Pennington said, aside from the missing list, around 35 people whose fate is still unknown.

Residents fear that the number of casualty will still rise as the days pass by.

As per reports (Chicago Tribune), no one has ever been recovered in the mudslide alive.

Sometime in 2006, a landslide occurred in the same vicinity. Now, the county officials are facing a barrage of criticisms why new home constructions were allowed in the areas within the disaster site.

In 1999, a geological study warned about a possible 'large catastrophic failure' in the area. The research was conducted by geologist Daniel Miller for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

As per official findings, the death toll rose from 14 to 24.

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