What triggered Kris Aquino's 8 digits credit card limit remark?

In the on-going tug of war between the fans and followers of celebrities Maja Salvador and Kim Chiu, Kris Aquino was dragged to the fighting area and forced to issue a rather boastful remark.

In the Instagram page of Kris Aquino, a Maja Salvador identified fan commented the following provocative lines.
@krisaquino214 try to be fair in your show. You should invite Maja Salvador Hindi Lang puro c chinitaprincess na she called her little sister. Sabagay Bagay kayo ng little sister mo your both plastic like credit card over its limit.
To which, Kris Aquino replied in retaliation:
@my911porsche you made me laugh & just so you know I'm a good sport, 8 figures ang limit ng credit card ko. bwahahahaha
Kris Aquino credit card limit

Be warned Kim Chiu haters, as the Presidential sister is on her side.

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