World's oldest woman in Japan turns 116.. keeps Guinness world record

World's oldest woman in Japan turns 116; She keeps her Guinness world record. What are her secrets to have lived this long?

Japan has been the home of the longest living people in the world; Its oldest man to have ever lived was Jiroemon Kimura, but he died last year, in June at the age of 116.

Misao Okawa

Today, another person in Japan is celebrating her 116th birthday - Misao Okawa. She belongs to the kimono merchants in Osaka.
Members of the nursing home taking care of her, said:
She is in good shape, and is even still gaining weight
She eats sushi, her favourite, and whatever she likes—beef stew, spaghetti, sashimi every day.. She always says the secret to living a long time is to eat a good meal and relax
Okawa was born on March 5, 1898. She had three children and 4 grandchildren, as per reports released on Wednesday.

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