3 ways to identify fake peso bills

Police warned the public on fake peso bills on Thursday, following the arrest of a taxi driver and his live-in partner, who were under almost a month of surveillance.

Fake Peso Bills

The tandem counterfeiters were selling stacks of peso bills - P200, P500, and P1000.

Taxi driver Virgilio Bocabar and ‎Violeta Bendiojo were selling P200 bill for P50, P500 bill for P100, and P1,000 for P150.

Superintendent Alexander Tagum, Criminal Investigation and Detection Group‎ Anti-Organized Crime Unit chief advised the public on how to spot fake peso bills:

The main set of things to do is to - 'LOOK', 'FEEL', and TILT.

By looking at the bill, one would notice that the original peso bills go with sharp prints. The fake ones are blurry.

By feeling, the texture of the authentic bills is thick and coarse. The fake ones are smooth.

Tilting the peso bill will let you see the watermark of Cory Aquino and Ninoy Aquino.

The national bird found in the security seal of an original bills is 'prominently imprinted.'

Fake bills can be easily detected using Ultraviolet (UV) Light scanners. Those who cannot afford the gadget can buy UV light pen instead, to identify fake bills. (Source)

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