30 dead cats found 'ritualistically' hanging from a tree in New York

In a small vacant lot in New York, something disgusting and gross was found by the New York police - 30 plastics hanging on a tree containing bodies of dead cats, some are already at an advance state of decomposition.

30 dead cats

The scene was described as 'so disturbing' as it is somewhat hard to think that somebody could do such a thing.

The Department of Public Works employees were tipped by the foul smell of the dead cats hanging on a tree in an abandoned lot.

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) executive director said:
It's very strange. There's a house next door and there are residences across the street. It's a well-travelled little vacant lot. There's a path that runs down to the businesses. Clearly, people have walked that path pretty often. It's hard to believe that someone didn't notice something. The smell of decomposition is overwhelming.
The authorities are hoping that something could be figured out after certain investigation.

30 dead cats found 'ritualistically' hanging from a tree in New York

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