3rd rape complaint against Vhong Navarro filed

Vhong Navarro's battle against the series of rape complaints filed against him is still far from being over. Just today, a news came out that says, another rape case has been filed before the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office on Wednesday.

Vhong Navarrow 3rd rape complaint

The complaint affidavit came as a four-page document and was filed by a woman who said, was a double in a telenovela starred by Navarro.

According to the complainant, the incident happened inside Vhong's sports utility vehicle (SUV).

The still unnamed girl said:
I did not think anything of it and I was not afraid to be alone with Vhong because we were taping with lots of other people around outside
She added, she did not come out before because she knew it would be painful, humiliating and shameful.
I did not tell anyone about what happened at the time because it was very painful, humiliating and shameful
After that day, I only shared this painful and humiliating experience to a handful of my really close friends
Her reason to come out just now:
It is only now that I am coming out to tell my story because I was inspired by the courage of other women who are coming out now to seek justice and to tell the truth about Vhong
On the other hand, Vhong's camp was not surprised by the news. Navarro's lawyer Alma Mallonga said in an interview by STAR:
This is something that we were expecting. This doesn’t surprise me
The timing of filing raises serious questions… Vhong did not commit any of the allegations against him
Before this rape complaint, there were at least two cases against Navarro presented by two complainants - Deniece Cornejo and Roxanne Cabanero. (Source)

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