7 dead babies found inside Utah home, mom arrested

Utah, Monday (April 14) - 7 dead babies were found by the Utah authorities inside the garage of a home owned by a 39-year-old woman identified as Megan Huntsman.


According to the initial findings, Huntsman gave several births between 1996 and 2006, wherein she had at least 7 babies at her home, all born alive.

Huntsman told police, she killed the babies right after being born, then put them lifeless bodies inside the boxes.

At the moment, Huntsman is hanging on a $6 million bail - $1 million for each baby she slew.

Two other daughters of Huntsman are living in the same house, where the dead bodies of the babies were found.

The neighbors of Huntsman were equally shocked upon learning the strange and morbid thing that has just been discovered.

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