Ex-boxing champ Ana Julaton joins ONE FC. Debuts MMA on May 2 in Manila

Let's say, ex-boxing champion Ana "The Hurricane" Julaton is in the house, to debut in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) sport in May.

Ana Julaton MMA debut

Indeed, it's another surprise treat from ONE FC (ONE Fighting Championship) - a new addition to its developing fight card for the 'Rise of  Heroes', which is happening on May 2 at the Mall of Asia (MOA), Manila.

Ana Julaton Karate Kick

Former super bantamweight boxing world champion, Ana Julaton is to make a new signature in the sport of MMA. She's considered it a long time ago, and now the time has come for her to finally test the waters.

Julaton is more than thrilled to find herself fighting in the Philippines for her ONE FC and MMA debut.

Ana Julaton Karate Kick

Ana Julaton held "WBO and the IBA women's super bantamweight title during her boxing career". Her resume in martial arts has got Tae Kwon Do (Black Belt) and Kenpo Karate.
I have the background in martial arts and I've always had an interest in the UFC
But I started training in Las Vegas and that gave me the chance to go out and watch the fights more regularly. Doing that, I saw how there were so many different options. In boxing, you're limited to your left and right hands. In MMA, I understand kicks. I understand the ground game. It was so intriguing being able to fight with all these tools, not just my hands.
I have been around all of the fighting arts for most of my life and this was something that just clicked for me.
Julaton looks up to UFC's Ronda Rousey as an inspiration.
Everything Ronda has, she has earned and she has worked extremely hard for, and that's been inspirational for me to watch as a fan
She put herself out there and she got involved at the grass roots level. Even before she was in the UFC, she was putting videos on YouTube and just getting people to pay attention to her.
At the end of the day, that's what it takes for fighters to get noticed, male or female. Promotion is a part of the job. We have to make people want to see us and entertain them with good, competitive fights when they do.
Tune in to ONE FC: Rise of Heroes fight card as it gets updated to know who Ana Julaton will be fighting on May 2.

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