#1 Paid App on Google Playstore 'Virus Shield' is a 'Big Scam'

It has been said that the #1 paid app on Google Playstore 'Virus Shield' is a complete scam.

Virus Shield app

While security for mobile devices can be one of your top priorities, 'Virus Shield' somehow found a way to exploit over a few dollars off your pocket, the source article implied.

Apparently, 'Virus Shield' marketed itself under the banner of:
protects you and your personal information from harmful viruses, malware, and spyware ..Improve the speed of your phone
With that, the app for an amount of $3.99 has had about 10,000 downloads with stunning positive reviews from about 2,000 people. It also made it to get about 3,000 Google Plus recommendation.

However, the guys from Android police found out that what the app does is simply making a red x mark a red check mark, like what you can see in the set of the images below:

Virus Shield app

Upon careful background tracking, the creator of the app had been a personality banned from many forums due to an alleged scamming over low-quality online games.

Perhaps, Google noticed the degree of trickery 'Virus Shield' does, it finally removed the app from Google Playstore.

Virus Shield app removed from Playstore

Android Police posted the app's code online via Github, a "web-based hosting service for software development projects" and they found out that Virus Shield does not give any 'security benefits'.

Did you happen to install 'Virus Shield' on your Smartphones? What are your observations or takes?

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