Aquatic Delivery Drone soon to invade Philippine's courier delivery system

Guys from is happy to share with you its most exciting announcement to share this month - the Aquatic Drone. It's a delivery machine to handle your nifty items via aquatic route.

Galleon Aquatic Drone

This revolutionary move in the delivery service is the first of its kind that will definitely make the Filipinos even more proud.

The Aquatic Drone will propel through different bodies of water to deliver items to its recipients. The machine can carry up to 2 lbs in weight or by size, at a maximum of 5 x 4 x 3 inches in volume.
Propelled by a pair of 3 inch wide propellers, the Aquatic Drone can reach speeds of up to 9.5 kph. A fitted GPS and mobile Internet will guide it through the waterways towards the delivery destination and back.
CTO Chris Blanquera said:
It makes perfect sense to launch the Aquatic Drones here in the Philippines because we are surrounded by bodies of water. We’re an archipelago!
The water drone is seen more advantagaeous than the well-hyped Air Drone by Amazon. To list, the aquatic drone:
..uses less energy to deliver items as it only needs a pair of propellers compared to the 6 propellers of the Air Drone.
Second, the Aquatic Drone will be going with the flow of water instead of against it. Even if it means going around a few kilometers, it will make up on the speed what it lost on the distance
unlike the Air Drone, the Aquatic Drone is safe. If it runs out of battery, malfunctions or hits something, it would not hurl towards the ground and break the package and worst, injure anybody.
CEO Jeffrey Siy said:
About 85% of items we deliver are small enough to be accommodated by the Aquatic Drone
The prototypes of the aquatic drones are now being finalized for countrywide release. It will be first launched within Metro Manila, then to the entire Philippines.

Here is a video showing how the Aquatic Drone works:

Are you ready for this April to embrace the new and one of a kind tech revolution in the Philippine's courier system? Source

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