'Cherry tree from space' mystifies monks and scientists in Japan

A certain 'Cherry tree from space' somewhat mystified the monks and scientists in Japan. Apparently, a unique cherry tree grew from a seed that orbited planet earth for about eight months, grew earlier than the usual season. Adding to the bafflement is the tree's one of a kind flowers.

Cherry tree from space

It may sound cosmic, mutant and re-engineered of some sort but the tree grew unnaturally; It blossomed on April 1.

The monks of central Japan were amazed by the phenomenon of how the cherry tree bloomed so fast. According to Masahiro Kajita, chief priest at the Ganjoji temple in Gifu:
We are amazed to see how fast it has grown 
A stone from the original tree had never sprouted before. We are very happy because it will succeed the old tree, which is said to be 1,250 years old.
The said seed of the mysterious cherry tree, made it to space in 2008. It came back to Earth in July, approximately one year later, with Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata. He was on a mission to circle around the globe for more than 4,000 times.

As of April, the 'Space Cherry Tree' grew to around 4 meters already. It produced nine (9) flowers, each with just five (5) petals only. The parent tree has about 30.

At the moment, Japanese physiologists are still unable to explain why the temple tree has grown so fast.

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