Deniece Cornejo's rape complaint junked by DOJ

Deniece Cornejo's rape complaint against Vhong Navarro has been dismissed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) on Thursday.

Deniece Cornejo and Cedric Lee

In addition, Assistant State Prosecutor Olivia Torrevillas, chief of the panel of prosecutors approved of Cornejo and others involved in the case, indictment for various reasons:
the indictment of Cornejo, businessman Cedric Lee and their six companions for serious illegal detention, serious physical injury and grave coercion. Serious illegal detention is a non-bailable offense.
The preliminary results were contained in a 42-page resolution.

The names of the persons recommended for prosecution are:
Cornejo, Lee, Bernice Lee, Ferdinand Guerrero, Zimmer Rance, Jose Paulo Gregorio Calma, Ferdinand Guerrero and Jed Fernandez.
So far, Navarro has filed at least six criminal charges against Lee, Cornejo and six others. (Source, Source)

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