Earth Day 2014 theme is 'Green Cities' - calls for transformation in the public transportation systems

Earth Day is celebrated in more than 192 countries. It was initiated after an oil spill incident in Santa Barbara, California sometime in 1970.
Earth Day

This year's theme for Earth Day is - Green Cities. It is embraced by more than a billion people around the world calling for the timely transformation in the public transportation systems in order to realize sustainability, accessibility, convenience and clean fuel consumption.

A lot of initiatives go by this theme for quite sometime already. Ever since the issue of global warming and energy conservation to safeguard environment came to play, people around the world have been on the lookout for viable solutions.

Earth Day was brought to discussion by US Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970.

At the present, there is an Earth Day network based in India, taking care of organizing relevant workshops to provide education related to environmental protection and sustainable livelihood.

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Debarpan said...

A whole day dedicated to our mother earth is a great thing I believe.