VIDEO: Female fan of Daniel Padilla bashed on social media after stealing a kiss, live on ASAP

That lady on stripes was probably one of the lucky fans of teen sensation Daniel Padilla (DJ), after stealing a kiss live on ABS-CBN's afternoon variety show ASAP (All-Star Sunday Afternoon Party).

Daniel Padilla

Daniel Padilla was singing Rey Valera’s 'Kamusta Ka' as part of the promotion for his upcoming concert 'DOS: The Daniel Padilla Concert'. He walked to the audience for some interaction, when this unexpected thing happened.

Daniel Padilla kissed by a female fan

A female fan, among the audiences who swarmed Daniel to give a kiss, smacked the actor right on the lips, though the actor seem to have quickly evaded. Watch the video below:

The scene trended on Twitter afterwards, with the hashtag #RespectDJslips. The poor girl earned loads of bashing from other fans of DJ, while some said, it was all worth it for the die hard fan.

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