Full body suits trend in Japan. Would you wear one?

The few but pioneering members of a small club named as 'Tokyo Zentai Club' called the hobby 'effacing the physical self'. To them, wearing a 'zenshintaitsu' or full body suit is a kind of liberation.


During the day, they are the usual persons you see around, but when the night comes, they are in their full body spandex suits sitting in a bar, chatting with friends or attending a gathering to hold barbecue sessions.

One of the members 'Hokkyoku Nigo' of Tokyo Zentai Club said:
I have led my life always worrying about what other people think of me. They say I look cute, gentle, childish or naive
I always felt suffocated by that. But wearing this, I am just a person in a full body suit.
Another member identified as Hanaka said, her fascination to zentai came from her admiration on hero costumes when she was a child.
When I was 13 or 14, I even tried to make a full-body suit myself, sewing stockings together. But I stopped, thinking maybe I was doing something weird. 

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