Good Friday in the Philippines

Good Friday is observed by Christians around the world during the 'Holy Week'. The specific part of the holiday occurs two days before Easter Sunday. It is when Christians remember Jesus Christ's crucifixion. While it is not a federal holiday in the US, it is for certain states.

Good Friday

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, it is a national holiday, where basically, government office workers are on a holiday break.

Christian faith followers do attend church services, such as vigils and church visitations. Good Friday is treated as the day of mourning, since it is the day Jesus Christ is believed to have been crucified.

Did you know that Good Friday is also referred to as Holy Friday, Great Friday, Black Friday, or Easter Friday?

Good Friday is also being considered as the fast day.

In the Philippines, Good Friday is the day where devotees do the street processions, 'Way of the Cross, chanting the 'Pasyon', and performance of the passion play - 'Senakulo'. Source (Wiki)

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