Hong Kong accepts Erap's apology but victims' family find the terms not completely satisfactory

The families of the Manila hostage crisis victims found the 'Apology' presented by former President Joseph 'Erap' Estrada acceptable but not completely satisfactory.

Erap presents apology to Hong Kong

After almost four years, the Philippines finally made a landmark effort to step into the lands of Hong Kong to present its apology for what had regretfully happened many years ago, where Hong Kong tourists died from a hostage taking drama.

Now Manila Mayor Erap Estrada led the Philippine delegation to present the formal apology to the people of Hong Kong.

Chief Executive Chun Ying Leung, on behalf of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government received the apology delivered by Mayor Estrada on September 23 (Wed).

Although 'acceptable', the apology was not completely satisfactory according to Tse Chi-kin, brother of one of the hostage taking victims, Masa Tse Ting-chunn, a tour guide.

Tse was more particular with the wordings used in the Wednesday meeting in Hong Kong. He said, the Philippine cabinet secretary Jose Rene Almendras used the words 'apologize' and 'sorry', whereas the letter from the Philippine police used the words 'please accept our most sorrowful regret.'

Tse said, they accepted the apology and went by the terms used so as not to create more complications in the already tainted relationship between Hong Kong and the Philippines. Rejecting the apology could mean new series of sanctions against the Philippines. Tse did not want to affect innocent Filipinos.
I hope the incident draws to a close and the victims can rest in peace while the injured can walk out of sorrow. I can't tell whether I am happy with the result or wording
We never want to affect other people. If we insist to fight for justice, we may create another injustice
A survivor of the Manila incident added:
We want to end the entanglement
The diplomatic and perhaps, most sought action and gesture from the Philippine side earned the lifting of sanctions against the Philippine officials, as well as downgrading the black travel alert against the Philippines. (Source)

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