Indian man addicted to eating bricks, mud and gravel (Video)

A 30-year-old Indian man identified as Pakkirappa Hunagundi has got some weird addiction in life. For some, it can be very disturbing and weird, but really, this man eats bricks, mud and gravel.

Indian man eating bricks

Hunagundi started the unusual habit of eating non edible things when he was 10.

Indian man eating bricks

According to Hunagundi, he can consume about three (3) kilos of debris per day. He eats things he find lying on the ground.

Indian man eating bricks

While some view his eating habit alarming, Hunagundi does not see anything wrong with what he does.

His friends asked him to stop eating bricks, but Hunagundi does not seem to listen.

Watch him eat bricks, gravels, etc:

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