The awesomely artistic tribute for Jackie Chan's 60th birthday using 64,000 chopsticks

Famous Malaysian artist Hong Yi had one of a kind tribute to Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan for his 60th birthday on April 7. Guess what it is? How about a clue - 64,000 disposable chopsticks!

Jackie Chan and Hong Yi

The 28-year-old Sabah-based artist, nicknamed 'Red' spent a month collecting the disposable bamboo chopsticks from cafes, stalls and factories. Her finish product is just beautiful.

Jackie Chan chopsticks portrait Hong Yi

Jackie Chan chopsticks portrait Hong Yi

Out of the chopsticks she collected, Yi created a portrait of Jackie Chan. Why Chopsticks? It's Chan's famous item in his fight scenes in the films such as 'Fearless Hyena' and 'The Karate Kid'.

Yi is an artist who caught the world's eyes with her unusual ways of art expressions.

She made portraits using shuttlecocks, 2,000 dyed carnations, and in 2012 she did a portrait of former Chinese NBA star Yao Ming using a basketball dipped in red paint. (Source)

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