Kat Alano stressed she was indeed raped by 'well-loved' public figure.. Did not mention Vhong

Kat Alano once shook the netizens zone when she posted statements on Facebook, claiming she was raped.

The question now, goes - Who raped Kat Alano?

Kat Alano podcast on her rape experience

Although, in timing with the breaking of Vhong Navarro and Deniece Cornejo controversy, Alano to be fair, did not mention any single name, not a straight reference to Vhong Navarro.

Kat spoke of 'Justice from the universe' and how karma comes to people and similar things. She also mentioned about how people would come to defend those accused of rape.

Alano earned certain degrees of bashing from the netizens because of her statements and hints of being rape some nine (9) years ago.

Then April 24 (Thurs), Kat came back to support what she said before. In her latest episode of podcast with DJ Mo Twister, she reiterated that she was indeed raped by a certain 'well-loved' public figure. Again, not a single reference to Navarro's name.

Twister asked Kat if she was really raped. This was her initial answer:
Yeah ..I wanted this to go away. I wanted to sweep this under the rug. I wanted to bury it. I wanted it to die. I wanted to forget. I never wanted to think about it again
When followed with the question on her silence for years and the relation of her case to that of Navarro, Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo, Alano said:
It triggered things inside of me and I knew I had to speak up. I needed to tell what happened to me…I don’t know Deniece and Cedric at all. I’ve never met them. I don’t know anything about their case, really. I haven’t even been following it. For the rest of it, I’m not ready to comment on that
Kat recalled how the guy assailed her:
I was out in a club and I was drinking with my friends and I had been there for a while so I drank quite a bit. And I saw him out and you know showbiz, Mo, when you met someone that you know, you say ‘hi’. You hang out, hey kumusta, blah blah, beso beso, blah blah
Curious about the much-detailed discourse? Listen to the full podcast where Kat Alano took on her rape experience with DJ Mo Twister:

You got any inkling of clues on who that 'well-loved' public figure is?

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