Korean ferry captain fleeing caught on tape - enraged victims' families

The captain of the South Korean ferry that capsized on April 16, killing hundreds of passengers trapped below the deck, was apparently caught on tape while fleeing.

Korean ferry captain rescued

In the short clip, Captain Lee Joon-seok can be seen jumping off the listing ferry. Before Sewol got completely submerged, Joon-seok already left.

Capsized Korean ferry (Sewol) captain Lee Joon-seok and crews taken to the rescue boat Video:

The captain and his crews who abandoned the Sewol ferry were called 'cowards' in The Korean Times' coverage of the said clip.

Times' report describe the captain's act of fleeing as:
As he reached the guardrail of the ship, he cautiously stepped into the rescue boat, holding onto every part of the ship he could grab so that he did not fall into the water
Next to Lee were 14 lifeboats, which he never bothered to release.
The initial purpose of the release of the said video was to appease, somehow, the feelings of the enraged families of the victims, questioning why only 174 were rescued out of the 476 people.

The resulting effect, unfortunately turned the other way around. Aside from seeing the captain saving his own life first, the crews did not make any attempt to get inside the boat to get to the passengers.

The poor students stuck beneath the decks of the ferry followed the announcement, which instructed them to stay where they are, not knowing it was their apparent doom.

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