Kris Aquino backtracks on her relationship with Bistek

Kris Aquino, after a revealing the true score between her and Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista (HB), stressed that they are not dating and that, they just the best of friends.

Kris Aquino short hairstyle

After saying, '..We are a work in progress', Kris seem to have gotten the pressure of time to backtrack something.

In a series of Instagram posts, Aquino said:
I got home & saw all the Gatorade waiting for me. Thank You HB! (Sorry I broke my rule about not mentioning him in my IG account)
Then a clearing statement about her relationship with Bautista:
We're not a 'couple' but we are the BEST OF FRIENDS. And in this uncertain world, we're sure to be FRIENDS FOR LIFE. That's actually what we started as, it's where we are most comfortable being, and for whatever tomorrow may still bring, true & lasting friendship is always the best foundation... May I quote my favorite song? 'Thanks to you for teaching me how to live, putting things in perspective. Teaching me how to give, and how to take, no mistake...' I grew up a lot this 2014 & he had a big role in what I am today. #noregrets #stillbelieveinlove #someday 😇💛💛💛 GOOD NIGHT.
A lot of speculations came afterwards. People even thought that she and HB broke up so soon. The thing was even fueled by the fact that Kris had her hair cut short. On April 21, she posted:
A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.
She added:
I cut off more than a foot, so I'm super ready for my life change!
On April 21 also, columnist Ricky Lo wrote in his column on Philippine Star:
[Herbert was], forced into it no doubt by the unpleasant write-ups against him

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Franc Ramon said...

I think Kris Aquino needs to limit revealing her relationship as it seems to jinx all their relationship.

Rochkirstin Santos said...

Aiyoo Kris Aquino's love life is really like seesaw - sometimes up and sometimes down. I like her new haircut though. :)

Kath Rivera said...

Kris Aquino's life is open to all. She can't stop herself revealing secrets that's why the public always got something to say whether positive or negative.

MaryJane Tauyan said...

I did follow kris on IG for a week now and saw those IG photos of her. Showbiz isn't for that faint hearted indeed and kris is just a normal person acting how a normal people should be. though you cant really hide to people who critisize