Lance Raymundo heals fast; Encounters divine voice and vision

Approximately one month ago, Lance Raymundo had a freaky gym accident - an 80lbs barbell fell on his face, crushing his nose, including his orbital sockets.

While recovering, Lance shared his rather, unexpectedly faster recovery. Lance said his condition is getting better quicker than what his doctor's have estimated.

Raymundo has gotten back his 20/20 vision and that, his brain is practically cleared from any grave dangers at the moment - a week after his gym accident.

Lance is healing spiritually as well. As he recounted his early ordeals after operation:
I was half blind, the small crack on my skull made me vulnerable to meningitis, seizures, attacks etc... And through my one functional eye, I took a good look at the mirror and didn't recognize my own reflection because my face has been disfigured
Despite his discouraging condition, Lance did not lose hope. He struggled and even thanked God he is alive.

One of the greatest things Lance had experienced is, him hearing God's voice.
I must have fallen asleep, but at approximately 5:45pm, I heard a voice within my head saying "Your suffering will only last for 6 days because on the 7th day, everything will be restored.
Lance also saw God's image in a crumpled blanket. On Facebook, Lance posted:
The first thing I saw was the crumpled linen of my hospital blanket!!! It had the image of a bearded man, which to me... Looks like Jesus. I felt a little embarrassed for doubting my faith, but I was also very thankful for the direct response from God
Raymundo is scheduled to undergo another operation in May to transplant a cartilage for his broken nose. He is now 85% healed, Lance informed his social media followers. (Source)

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