Lance Raymundo's photos after his freaky gym accident

Lance Raymundo had a freaky gym accident on March 19 (Wed), where an 80lbs barbell fell on his face, breaking most of his bones in the face.

Lance Raymundo post operation photos

As Lance considers surviving the said accident a miracle, he found himself lucky since the weight did not fall on the part of his head that could possibly damage his brain and neck.
It is definitely a miracle. Someone told me, the devil was the one that pushed the barbell to fall on my face. Pero naniniwala ako na ang Diyos naman ang sumangga sa barbell kaya imbes na sa utak o lalamunan ang bagsak, ay sa ilong lang, kaya ako naka-survive.
Raymundo had to be confined in the hospital for thirteen (13) days. He is now in the state of recovery, to prepare for another surgery that needs to be undertaken.

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