Mar Roxas suspended by Wack Wack golf club over cussing at employees

Interior Secretary Mar Roxas recently made a buzz when he was accused of tongue-lashing Wack Wack Golf and Country Club employees over supposed fees he did not want to pay.

Mar Roxas suspended by Wack Wack golf club

The verbal squabble happened on April 6; The club's membership committee received a report where Roxas went to the club registration office and eventually got upset when an employee asked him to pay a P5,000 'green fee' for a guest he invited for some golf lessons.

Roxas seem to have lost his control and shouted at the employees, even berated them and blurted out cuss words. Allegedly, when an employee suggested to just call the club's president to clear up the fee matter, the Department of Interior and Local Government chief shouted back:
T--------------ina!. Walang presi-presidente sa akin!
Walang bawal bawal sa akin.
Today, a news was released that says, after deliberation, the country club finally voted out to suspend Roxas for two months.

Roxas on the other hand denied the accusation. He said it was just a matter of miscommunication.

Mar Roxas suspended by Wack Wack golf club over cussing at employees (Source)

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Anonymous said...

Grabe. ganyan pala sya.dati natutuwa pa ko sakanya. akala mo ang bait bait. yun pala may tinatagong masamang ugali. walang presi-presidente. sabagay halata nmn sa ginagawa nya sa DOTC ngaun, wala syang pakealam sa sasabihin ng presidente nya. tsk tsk. kapag ito naging president ng pinas nakakahiya talaga!