Monster Cyclone (Ita) hits Australia's Barrier Reef coast

A monster cyclone, Ita hit Australia's Barrier Reef coast on Friday, Sydney officials said. The cyclone was packing winds of  230 kph.

Monster Cyclone Ita hits Australia Barrier Reef coast

Ita downgraded from a level 5 cyclone category to 4 but still brought threatening gales to areas surrounding Cooktown.

At 65 kph north of the coastal resort of Cooktown, monster cyclone Ita made a landfall at Cape Flattery at around 9:00 Friday.

According to Australia's Bureau of Meteorology, Ita has got very destructive winds.
(Ita) is crossing the coast near Cape Flattery with very destructive winds to 230 kilometers per hour near the core and gales extending out to 185 kilometers from the center
There is also a fear that the gales Ita brought may go as far as the south of the city of Cairns in the weekend.

The coastal residents of Cooktown were urged to evacuate.

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