Mother and her daughters photographed picking sunflowers in UP Diliman

A vigilant lover of nature and perhaps, bearer of a sense of preserving beauty and sustainability, spotted a mother inside her car, with her daughters outside picking up (and even pulling out) sunflowers in the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

UP Diliman sunflowers

In the Facebook post of a certain user, she said she even asked the daughters of the mother in the car if what they are doing is allowed. The girls' answer was shocking.
Tama ba yang ginagawa niyo? Pwede ba yan? (Is what you're doing right? Can you do that?)
Oo matagal na tong ginagawa ni mommy eh. (Yes, my mom has been doing this)
The Facebook user was in disbelief upon hearing the girls' kind of response.
Will you believe it, a mother teaching her kids to steal. Letting them do the dirty work while she stays in the car.
So I took pictures of them. 
To the owner of PYO 724, mahiya ka naman sa mga magtatapos ngayong Abril. Sana makonsensya ka naman. BAWAL MAGNAKAW NG SUNFLOWERS. Kung kilala niyo po sino 'to pagsabihan niyo naman. 
Wala na ngang sunflowers next year ganito pa nangyari. 
Is this what you do on Good Friday? 
God bless you.
Photos taken by the person who spotted the family:

UP diliman sunflower picker
The mother anxiously awaits inside her car while the daughters do the picking

UP diliman sunflower picker

UP diliman sunflower picker

UP diliman sunflower picker
By the roots, the sunflower stalk was obviously pulled off
UP diliman sunflower picker

The question now could be, is it allowed or are people allowed to pick the sunflowers planted along the stretch of the University Avenue? What is the purpose of the flowers there?

The answer could be upfront with this photo below. It was posted last year:

Sunflowers do not pick

The sunflowers are planted there as a "traditional sign of the dual joys of summer and of graduation."

Tourism wise, the lovely flowers, fully grown and bloomed are sweet attractions for the visitors of the university.

Every year, UP Diliman spends money for the said beautification. The golden flowers are sweet remembrance for the fresh graduates after their tedious stay in the school.

Not to mention the labor spent by the untiring people in the Campus Maintenance Office, the seeds of the flowers have to be sustained for the yearly tradition.

The University is facing some shortages in terms of seeding; After graduation, almost always, the university is left with 'zero specimen'.

Engr. Alden Aynera, director of UP Diliman Campus Maintenance Office (CMO) told GMA News Online:
We procure three kinds of seeds, test kung ano ang mas may magandang yield. Pero hindi kami makapag-preserve
Yung seeds din minsan pag buo na, kinukuha ng mga bata, kinakain. Ganun din yung mga ibon ..How can we harvest the yield if maunahan kami ng tao at ibon?
Usually, people flock to the University to take photos as souvenir. But more often than not, it involves pulling the stalks off the ground. (Source)

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Anonymous said...

Ang linaw naman palang ng nakapaskel na karatula e "Bawal pumitaas.." Kung sa kanila kya gawin un. O bat di nlnag cla magtanim ng sarili nla!

Anonymous said...

baka gusto nila magkaroon ng sunflower ng walang kahirap-hirap? or baka natuwa lang yung nanay dun sa sunflowers kaya inutusan yung mga anak na manguha... pwede naman sila bumili ng buto ng sunflower sa supermarket para itanim kahit sa paso lang...

Anonymous said...

Baka tanga yung nanay...hindi marunong umintindi ng bawal pumitas...kung ano ang puno, syang bunga kaya ganun din yung mga anak...