Antoinette Taus speaks on 'love child with Dingdong' rumor

Antoinette Taus finally spoke to address the budding 'love child' rumor, allegedly of her ex-boyfriend Dingdong Dantes.

Dingdong Dantes and Antoinette Taus

Since her return to the Philippines to revive her showbiz career, Antoinette Taus has been having a buzz, more so in the social media streams. Unfortunately, one of them came under the banner of a 'love child' issue.

Taus said, she found the allegation funny.
Natawa na lang din ako kasi, ever since, 'di naman matapos 'yung (rumors), tapos parami nang parami yung mga 'anak' ko. Hindi naman ako ganun
And if she ever had a child with Dingdong Dantes, she would be happy to declare it to the public. She will be celebrating, in case she really did have a child with her former boyfriend.
If ever I did have a child, sasabihin ko naman sa publiko, 'di ko naman itatago
Siyempre I'll be proud of the child I have and I do want to have kids someday... Kung sakali mang (magka-baby) ako, I'll be celebrating.
For the time being, work is Antoinette's top priority. In fact, projects have already lined up for her, though she can't reveal the details yet. (Photo:

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