Obama Visit to Philippines featured a 10-year defense pact

The visit of the President of the United States, Barack Obama to the Philippines is a historical milestone for the two countries as it was able to forge a 10-year defense pact.

Obama Visit to Philippines

The deal embedded in the said security agreement gives the U.S. military greater access to area bases in the Philippines. It is one of the takeaways in Obama's four-country Asian tour.

The military access agreement, otherwise referred to as 'Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement' (EDCA) went through eight months negotiation. It is said as "..the most significant defense agreement that we have concluded with the Philippines in decades" (Evan Medeiros, National Security Council senior director for Asian affairs.)

Obama's visit to the Philippines has been anticipated to become a platform to figure out how to deal with China's claim over Scarborough Shoal.

Speaking in Korea, President Obama said:
We're not interested in containing China
We're interested in China's peaceful rise and it being a responsible and powerful proponent of the rule of law and an international system.
Analysts say, the future increase of military presence in the Philippine soil may increase Philippine-China friction but eventually, there will be balance of power that may prevent further conflict.

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