Parks Canada to install Wi-Fi hotspots in the wilderness

Parks Canada is trying to establish a 'connected camping' environment in Canada's wilderness zones where people usually flock to, during vacations or out of town retreats.

parks canada with wifi

Hence the company is contemplating on making the Canada's parks connected to the Internet, so that people can stay up to date with the news and social media trends.

While most people go out of the customary urban life setting and would prefer being away from using electronics, Parks Canada's plan seem to hold some merits. By creating an Internet hub for those away from the city, emergency reporting and incident response can be carried out with more ease.

On the other side, people would still want to be in touch with their friends, colleagues, and mostly family members.

Parks Canada agency might offer free of charge Wi-Fi service in selected locations, specially those that are quite remote.

The same initiative has already been tried out by Ontario in 2010. Manitoba took the same path; It installed Wi-Fi hotspots in the parks last year.

Parks Canada on providing Wi-Fi hotspots in the wilderness - do you think it's a viable idea in your kind of city or locality? (Source)

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