US mass stabbing (Pennsylvania school) hurts 19 students

US mass stabbing. A stabbing incident in a Pennsylvania high school happened early Wednesday. A 16-year-old boy wielded two knives and hurt at least 19 of his classmates, three of them suffered critical injuries.

Pennsylvania school stabbing

The students ran outside the school for safety, while the police and ambulance made their way into the scene.

Upon clear information about the situation, a medical helicopter arrived and landed over the school's soccer field to bring the wounded to the nearby hospitals.

Mia Meixner, a Sophomore told LA Times, she thought some students were fighting in the hallway, until she saw a male freshman with his stomach wounded. Said Meixner:
I saw blood gushing everywhere
The suspect ran down the hall stabbing people in his way.
He was knocking people over
Trauma surgeon at Forbes, Chris Kaufmann referred to the seriously injured students due to critical stabs:
None of these are superficial wounds. These all have significant stab wounds
Patients who are stabbed in the abdomen and chest have, by definition, life-threatening injuries
The police officers were able to apprehend and quickly handcuff the attacker.

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